Storm over Arnhem module...

I’ve noticed from browsing the server history that people are playing SoA via vassal but I’ve never been able to find where the module is available on-line.

Anyone got any idea where I might find it?


I note that Ambush, a japanese player was one of the users of this mod in the SOA lobby, so I suspect it is created by the japanese vassal community - finding modules on their websites is difficult :slight_smile:

Here is a link to Ambush’s blog and he mentions the SOA mod v0.21 … f%26sa%3DN

It seems that the SOA mod is in their development cycle right now (scroll down the page a good bit)

and a link to the japanese vassal website … safe%3Doff

One other guy very active with vassal from over there - Solar, his blog … safe%3Doff

Thanks Tim.

I’ll check those out.

I am a Japanese.
The name is varon.
I exchange the topic of vassal in Japan in a site of this place.
Give me an email if I want SoA.
I contact the friend who made it.