Strength Markers of 5 different types simple way to do it?

I’m working on Operation Typhoon SPI old monster game. I have 5 decks I need to use to create the strength chits that are based on morale and size of the unit. So the Germans have morale 2 and 3 and sizes A/B. Each deck would be based on the Morale number. SO here’s the deal, having 5 decks seems to be a pain, I was wondering if it would be possible to build a key command using a trait on the unit to pull from the correct deck?


while I’m still green and can’t answer you, you might want to check out … how-tricks and see the first (First Bull Run) trick.

I guess instead of a “Draw Card” button, you can add an “Action Button” trait on the counter (let’s say just on the A/B/C class position), the button can trigger a hotkey to draw a random chit from the correct deck (based on the morale+size properties), then place it on the counter (perhaps as a marker).

hope it helps & good luck!