Struggle of Empires Version 1.2 Available

I've posted ver 1.2 of the Struggle of Empires module. This version adds complete reporting of each action and move move along with location, Power, and player information which helps quite a bit in a game with up to 7 players. [For example, when a player moves a piece the game will report "England [theaney] moves English Army from German States to Central Europe."]

Also included in the new version is a red triangle marker so designate which tiles have been used in a war. The game also has two new buttons "War Use" which removes all such markers at the end of a war and "Reset Alliances" which simiarly moves all Alliance tiles back to the board at the end of a war.

I'm still working on trying to create an automatic set up method, but so far I haven't any luck. (Ignore the "set up" button if you see one.)

Also, would it be better to have separate player boards that can be popped open, or is it better to have all the player "boards" visible along with the map as it is?

--Tom "its a work in progress" Heaney