Stumped; Layer with Text Layer

I searched about the Web and the site for a couple hours, but didn’t see a specific fix to this question. (Win XP3 32bit)

I’ve been revamping a module, and wanted to add Objective flags.

There will be single versions and layered versions of both small & large examples. I created the flags, mask, and text in the same image stack then saved for web each layer to PNG, so everything is the same.

These first variations all work fine with the following order;
Basic Piece
Layer - xxx Flag
Does Not Stack

Layer properties uses . (period) to change flags, or , (comma) to go back to previous, with `(tilde/Back Quote) resetting to first flag due to ctrl+f already being used, and alt+f opening the Vassal’s ‘file’ menu.

Now, for the larger flags specific to faction or etc, in order to not have a whole slug of images, I’ve been trying to use the above set-up with the the appropriate objectives as a text layer over the flag layer. Because the faction images will vary, I also wanted an option to change the text color black-blue-etc etc for a few variations.

Activating Hold was supposed to be alt+l, Scout alt+u, and Seize alt+z. ‘C’ was to change the color of each word through the six choices, of whichever was active.

The problem;
I tried all three layers as a prototype added to the flag, as individual prototypes, and individual layers. No matter how I move the order right-clicking the flag will show the main choices as typed into the layer properties but only the topmost change color option, while instead of trying to use what keys are set they show stuff like NUMPAD _. (which doesn’t exist), NUMPAD-3, alt+F6, alt+F11, and so on… clicking will make the layers activate as desired, and I can change the first choice to the other colors, but no more than that. The flag layers still work correctly.

I have even tried setting the flag layer to ‘Underneath when Highlighted’ which did nothing that I could tell, nor did forcing the text to use a layer mask via Non-Rectangular.

Just at a standstill over what I’m doing wrong.