Stumped on Global Key Commands window-to-window

I have done something like this before long ago, perhaps in a very hackneyed way, but can not get it to work on the module I’m working on at the moment. I have two private windows, A and B. In window A, I have a Toolbar Menu with three GKCs in it. Those GKCs need to fire off one of three corresponding key commands that currently work fine in the B window. How do I set this up in a non-kludgy way, again?


(P.S. I am digging through my old modules, but do this so infrequently, I can not remember how I set this sort of behaviour up the last time. Much like when I try to program anything (I am a designer who only dabbles in programming) in Javascript after a year not programming anything.)

Recalled what I did, just took a good night’s sleep.

I’d be interested in knowing how you solved your problem.

For me, I make an invisible piece on the main board that redirects GKCs sent to it everywhere they need to go.