I seem to remember reading something on the forum this spring about a new feature allowing the creation of sub-folders within a module. I just uploaded the newest version of VASSAL and don’t seem to be able to find this.

I was thinking about a better way of organizing and copying numerous at-start stacks by creating a sub-folder within the main map folder. I have ended up with numerous at-start stacks & GKCs that might be more manageable if placed within their own national sub-folders, and would be much easier to create if I could just copy an entire folder and then reposition and alter as needed.

Am I wrong about this feature actually existing or am I just not finding it? Perhaps this was just a request for a new feature.

It will be part of VASSAL 3.6, which is due to enter beta any day now.

Ah, okay, so I didn’t just dream this up. I’ll look forward to seeing what’s new when version 3.6 is released. Thanks for writing back to me.