Sub-Menu of tokens commands available to other players

Vassal version: 3.5.3 (repeatable in 3.4.13)
Module: Gloomhaven_5Player
Module Version: 3.2
Module Extension: Gloomhaven_Heroes_5Player_V3.2
Module Extension Version: 3.2
Module Extension: Gloomhaven_Scenarios_5Player_V3.2
Module Extension Version: 3.2
Java Version: build 1.8.0_271-b09
OS: Windows 10 Pro
OS Version: 10.0.19041

Description of issue:
Whan a player places their Ability Card onto the main Dungeon Board, the other players have access to the right mouse menu level 2 sub-menu commands. This occurs on all cards defined with multiple levels of sub-menus. This is tied to the player Password the player is using for the game, not which side they are on.
Sub menu: Enhancements —|
|–>Sub-menu: Enh Hex
|–>Sub-menu: Enh Attack —|
|–>Enh Attack=1
|–>Enh Attack Curse

Steps to replicate:
Start a game of Gloomhaven_5Player, choose Start new game offline and choose “Player 1” or “Solo” when prompted to choose a side.
If prompted to start a log file, choose yes or no as you wish.
Open the “Hero” menu, and select “Setup Hero”
From the right mouse menu of the top right “Cragheart” card select “Choose P1”
Close the Setup Hero panel
Open the “P1 Hand” panel
Open the “Dungeon” menu and select “Dungeon Board”
Drag the green card “Avalanche” from the Player 1 Hand panel to the Main Map 2 panel
From the right mouse menu, select “Flip”
Check that the right mouse menu of the card shows “Flip” at the top and “Enhancements” at the bottom (This is just a check that everything is working as intended)
Open the “File” menu and select “Preferences”
Open the “Personal” tab
Make your password visible and keep a record of this original password.
Change your password and select “OK” at the bottom of the panel
Open the right mouse menu of the flipped card
You can now see the option “Enh Attack”
This is a bug, this option should not be visible to other players in the same game.
This right mouse menu item is visible to all players int he game, as identified by their unique passwords.

The bug is tied to nested sub-menus.
The commands that are visible to other players in the game are commands that are nested beneath the second sub-menus, the first sub-menu itself and any of it’s individual contained commands without their own sub-menu items work as intended.


The visible menu items were caused by their relative position to the Mask trait.

When a card is flipped, any commands lower in sequence than the Mask trait are visible and available to other players.
In this specific example, because the sub-menu structure was split by the Mask command, the sub-commands below Mask were becoming visible.

Sub-Menu - Menu1 (containing command1 and command2)