Sub-menu trait has changed

With v3.5 I made some pieces that were ship/boat counters. When there was more than 1 ship/boat in a class, I used a sub-menu and a dynamic property trait to choose a ship/boat that was not the class name. For example: Romanian Pelican class river monitors, which also have the Vultur and Zimbru in the class. I would make a sub-menu called Name of Ship which would have Pelican, Vultur and Zimbru as entries. I would put those names on the Name Command box (in the Key Command section) in the dynamic property. From there I would choose the correct ship/boat counter.

With 3.6 the menu entries have disappeared when the sub-menu is chosen during game setup. The sub-menu entry is present, but no entries for it. I can work around this by adding the ship names to Menu Command box in the dynamic property, but I still need the name in the Name Command box to choose the actual piece. I am reluctant to do that because when this is fixed, I could end up with double name entries.

The functional question is, why is the sub-menu not displaying its entries?

Can you identify what module this is for, and/or post a link to the work in progress?

Hi Joel,
These are extensions that work with PG Über module. Here is a link to Box drive to a zip file containing the base module, an extension with sub-menu problem and a map to put counters on. You will need both extension to “play” the game.


I’m not aware of changes to the Sub-menu functionality, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t happened from VASSAL 3.5 to 3.6 (a lot of stuff happened). In any event, based on how I understand Sub-menu to work and its documentation, a blank menu is what I would expect based on your current config as shown here:

I didn’t quite follow the reluctance to have entries here, but nevertheless Sub-menu is premised on there being menu commands assigned in order to display them.

My reluctance is based on the fact that I didn’t need them in v3.5. In the even they become superfluous in a future release, what would happen to player’s menu?

I’d be very curious to see a prior version where you had a Sub-menu working without menu commands entered–honestly have never known it to work any other way!

I haven’t gotten the base module to work with v3.5 since it was up dated. I might be able to find a older version of the base module some where in my archive.