Submarine 1.1: feature requests

I have done a quick-look on the new release of AH Submarine (1.1) and I notices many nifty features, someone towards the main actual use I have (rules being MIA), that is, inflicting map exercises to the lost souls on a Nav forum & association whose endure myself :smiley: but the main issue remains, that is, the lack of a map snapshot button/key (essential in inflicting, well, map exercises… :wink: ) but the DYO Ships & boats is obviously welcome, but I chagrin the lack of Italian capital ships (I guess that also RN-philes will concur on this…)

also, there’s a minor nitpick, RS (Regio Sommergibile) is an unofficial designation, Ships and Boat of Regia Marina being always designated RN Regia Nave (eqv. of HMS or USS) but was often used the unofficial designation "Regia/o [ship type] e.g. Regio Incrociatore, Regia Torpediniera etc.

In exchange of this whimsical desiderata, I will provide plenty of info on Italian Boat and ASW, allowing a marked OOB improvement seems to me a good deal :bulb:

dott. Piergiorgio.

Hi, I’ve changed ‘RS’ to ‘RN’ and added the map screen capture tool. I have a few other changes to make before I update the module.

Thanks for your interest,

  • bret hekking

Thanks ! pls let me known when you upload the new version :slight_smile:

also, let me know what you want to known about Regia Marina ;)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Done - enjoy!

Thanks ! IOU all historical/technical info you want on Regia Marina !! :smiley:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.