Suggestions for new hosting

The VASSAL (web)server has outgrown the bandwidth capacity of our current host. I’m planning to move our server someplace else soon, and would like recommendations for (or against) hosting providers from anyone with experience in the area.

Presently, our webserver is in a Linux VM (Fedora 18) with two cores and 2GB RAM, neither of which we stress much. (We’re using maybe 600MB RAM typically, and have 15-minute load averages of 0.2.) We have around 76GB of data. Typically we have around 5Mbit/s outgoing, but that’s because we’re saturating the pipe we’re on—I can’t say how much outgoing bandwidth we’d use on a pipe we weren’t filling to capacity.

I’m looking for a hosting setup which can accommodate the above. Any suggestions?

Here’s what I’ve turned up:

  • Contabo VPS L: VM, 2 cores, 8GB RAM, 400GB disk, 100Mb/s transfer (but goes down to 10Mb/s if too much usage), 13.99 EUR/mo

  • Linode 2GB: VM, 8 cores, 2GB RAM, 96GB disk, 4TB transfer, $40/mo

  • Kimsufi S-21: dedicated, 2 cores, 16GB RAM, 500GB disk, 100Mb/s transfer, 24 EUR/mo

  • RamNode 2048MB CVZ-E5: VM, 4 cores, 2GB RAM, 200GB disk, 4TB transfer, $30/mo

  • SoYouStart SYS-E32-1: dedicated, 4 cores, 32GB RAM, 2TB disk, 200Mb/s transfer, 30 GBP/mo

  • Dedibox Classic + Gen2: dedicated, 4 cores, 8GB RAM, 1TB disk, 150Mb/s transfer, 29.99 EUR/mo

  • Digital Ocean: The smallest plan they offer which has enough disk space is has far more CPU, RAM, and data transfer than we need and consequently is rather expensive ($160). Otherwise, I’d go with them, as I’ve had a great experience working with DO VMs in my job.

These are mostly the low-end offerings of the various providers; the capabilities range all over—from 2 to 8 cores, from 2GB to 32GB RAM, 96GB to 2TB disk—but the minimum of all of these would cover what we need now with room to spare. Anybody have further comments (or suggestions for hosting I haven’t spotted)?