Sum Marker trait in a text label (similar to GPIW)

Hi guys,
I think I’m drowning in a glass of water… all the weekend passed by and I’ve never found a solution about that.
Serached the forum a lot and found something but didn’t manage to make it work.
I’ll try to better explain.

I’m setting up a game with a modular board.
Every terrain tile has a marker trait called “Miles” containing a number (from 3 to 9).
I’d like to show “Total Miles” as SUM of Miles (marker trait) for every terrain placed in Main Map.
I’ve managed to do it with “Game Piece Inventory Window” but I’d like to show that value as a Text Label in a game piece to be placed inside the Main Map (next to terrains).

This is how I set GPIW properties.
matching properties: CurrentMap = “Main Map && Type = Terrain”
Labels: “$PropertyValue$ - $sum_Miles$”

After placing terrains on the Main Map I can see the correct total in Game Piece Inventory Window.
Is there a fast way to show that as a text label?
And also “Refresh” that value when adding or deleting terrains from the main map (works like refresh butto in GPIW)?

I do believe it could be really easy…

Please let me know.
Many thanks in advance.

Marker traits are not variables. They are simply a way of slapping a label on a piece.

What you need to do is include a Dynamic Property on each piece named Miles with a numeric value. You can them add them up.

Will try them… but why on “Game Piece Inventory Windows” the Sum option is available?

This is how I’ve done it:

1- added a Key Command to be applied to all units ending movement on Main Map (ALT - CTRL - SHIFT - X)
2- added a Global Property (TotalMiles) to terrain tile prototype, whit Key Command (ALT - CTRL - SHIFT - X) that “Increment numeric value” by “Miles” (marker type)
3- changed Text Label value to “$TotalMiles$”

That way I’ll see recalculated Text Label after placing each terrain hex.