Summer Lightning - LnL Publishing?

One of the few stand alone games on Case White - anyone know if there are plans to publish for Vassal?

Anyone have news?

Yea, there is. After discovering I had no local opponents interested in this game and seeing this thread, I reached out to Mark Walker at LnL and he very kindly gave me the electronic art to start on a module.

I’m a noob module maker, so it’s not going to be a real quick turnaround, but I’m working it. I received the files from Mark yesterday and I’ve just finished converting all the CMYK art [for print] to RGB [for monitors], chopping up the charts for use in the module, and getting the map set-up with VASSAL grid and numbering.

Other than getting a working “activation chit pull cup” in the module that I like, it should be relatively straightforward. Since this will be my first real end-to-end module build, it’s not going to be particularly fancy. First goal is to get a playable module with various set-up files [the most tedious of all the tasks in front of me, I suspect]. At least, since I have the electronic art files, at the very least, it will look quite nice. :slight_smile:

I’ll post updates here as I progress since I’ll need some folks to test out the module before it goes completely public. I own the game but I’ve not had a chance to play it yet, so I’ll need so more experienced folks to put their hands on it to make sure it’s actually playable. Once that’s done, I’ll take suggestions on improvements.

So, I’m guessing 2 months before that happens simply because I’ve got a job that often keeps me busy “after hours” and a toddler at home that keeps me even busier. That said, I’m hoping things move relatively quickly once I get the counters organized and I find a good example of another chit-pull module to crib a few ideas from (A Most Dangerous Time is the module I’m most familiar with but there’s so much stuff going on under the hood in that module that it’s hard to use it as an example for the stuff I need.)