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I’ve change the svn:ignore properties on the VASSAL root on my own computer to ignore some utility files that I’ve made that are only relevant to me. However, when I do svn status, it lists the root directory as having changed because of the property modification. I don’t want to commit the svn:ignore change to the repository. How do I svn:ignore the svn:ignore so that it doesn’t always think I have to commit the root?

Thus spake “mkiefte”:

If you’ve never added the files you want to ignore, then SVN shouldn’t
be telling you that you need to commit them. You’re just trying to
get them not to be displayed by ‘svn status’, right?

Unfortunately, SVN doesn’t support account-local, per-file ignores right now.
It does support account-local global ignores—you can set that in your
~/.subversion/config under the ‘global-ignores’ key.


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