Symbolic dice report bug (3.1.0-svn3950)

There is a bug in the symbolic dice report function.

If the dice function is set to only Report results as text, the dice reports properly, as in Inspiration (1).

If the dice function is set to report both as text and in window, then the Window title format field is used for both reports. Consider Inspiration (4) and (5) in the screencap.

I have tested the report text field as many different things, but it doesn’t matter. When the Show results in window is selected, its field is used as both window title and text report.

I have just noticed this bug also. I’m currently using beta 3 and if “Show result in Window” is checked, then the Window title format is used, regardless of what is in “Report format”.

This is fixed for the next 3.1 beta release.


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