Symbolic Dice - Sound File

Add a sound option to the Symbolic Dice feature similar to the Play Sound trait.


provide some means to integrate the symbolic dice button with other (GKC) actions.

At the moment, so far as I can tell, it is only possible to achieve a concurrent action (sound) by using the same hotkey as the symbolic dice. It is not possible to so from a press of the symbolic die button. Same applies I imagine to the normal die button.

A one button roll+other action(s) can be achieved using GKCs but this would not be able to display the roll result in the button.

Just wondering about this again. I since discovered the Action Button, has just the sound play feature. So sound can be achieved with a normal die button (for example, just have the Action Button in the toolbar and leave the die button on the same hotkey but no button image/text). However, with symbolic die, you have to use the symbolic die button; and pressing that won’t trigger the sound.

So it would be neat if the sound file option from Action Button could be put onto the Symbolic die button as well.

GitHub issue #10821 created - focussed on adding Send Hotkeys ability, as this would provide the greatest potential benefit.

Another vote for this feature to make it to 3.7. You really can’t do much with symbolic dice which is unfortunate…

Can’t you just have an Action Button that plays the sound and sends the Symbolic Dice Button Hotkey and hide the ‘real’ Symbolic Dice Button? That’s sort of the idea of Action Buttons instead of having to add ‘Send Hot Key’ functionality to every other component that has a toolbar button.

If the “real” Symbolic Dice Button is hidden, how do you see the symbolic result on the button itself?

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Ah, yes. Good Point!