Symbolic Dice

Does the symbolic dice function use the same random generator as the “standard” dice function?

Is there any way to “link” the symbolic dice with the standard dice so that instead of having to create 5 different symbolic dice to represent multiple dice, I could just use a “how many dice rolled” function as is allowed with standard dice?

The five symbolic dice I have created work just fine, but it would be a lot easier if I could just have one button that would ask how many dice I want to roll instead of having five buttons for 1 to 5 dice being rolled. Sure, I could have one symbolic die button and click it x number of times for multiple die rolls, but it would be much more aesthetic to have all symbolic dice rolled at one time.

Dave B.

IM NOT an expert but couldnt you have a trigger action attribute so when the dice button is pushed, it triggers the 5 dice to roll and then you would only have to hit the button once.

There is a demo I posted that runs on one button here somewhere for multiple
dice displayed as At start stacks - just change how it is displayed

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Check 4th post down in this thread. Not sure if this is it, but it might be.

Thanks guys. I’ll try and work on that tomorrow and see if it’s what I need.