Symbolic die buttons: results display

Request: Allow different groups of Symbolic die to write to the same window.

Currently: Each Symbolic Dice button will create a unique results window when that button is pressed, unless the window already exists from a previous use of the same button.

Proposal: When a group of Symbolic die buttons share the identical window name, create only one window when any of the buttons are pressed.

Additional1: Provide the possibility for the die roll results to be displayed in one or more other symbolic die buttons (tied to the result index) and to be able to send a signal to a symbolic die button that “resets” the button to its preset image.
For example, a set of four buttons (SD1-4) might be created with the same die faces, rolling 1-4 die. Each button would be sized for an individual die face. When SD2-4 are pressed, they are programmed such that result 1 appears in on SD1, result 2 on SD2 etc. Any buttons not used are reset to their button image.