Symbolic Die not synchronizing

I am making a game that requires hidden dice rolls so I made a symbolic S10 following a guide I found on another forum. This die has always worked for me so I am confident in its construction but sometimes when I am hosting a game, my opponent’s die will get stuck on the same number. This can be fixed if he syncs with me. We are both running the latest Vassal (3.4.2) and the same module. Is this just an internet issue? Or is there something in Vassal/the module that might cause a desync?


Are you still having a problem with this? If so, would you be able to share your module with us so we can have a look?

May not be the same problem but two of us were playing Flying Colors yesterday for the first time. We noticed that the pair of symbolic die on one player’s screen displayed opposite to what the other player had rolled.

E.g. p1 rolled the red die and saw a 5 result; p2 saw 5 appear on the blue die and the red die was unchanged.