Tactical Game

Two quick questions for anyone that might be able to help:

Is it possible to use a font portraying WW2 vehicle silhouettes in the Vassal custom piece designer?

What is the practical difference between the Label and Text Box facilities in the custom piece designer?

Another problem: for some reason I can’t get any NATO symbol other than infantry division to display. Any ideas?

Yes, this should work. The Game Piece Image function generates an actual png image in your module using fonts on your machine. This way, all users of the module will see the correct fonts, even if they are not installed on their machine.

A label is a single line of text, much like a java JLabel. Text will not wrap.

A text box is like a JTextArea and will wrap long lines of text.

Both can include HTML.

There are some problems with the regeneration of the image in some versions of vassal when you change the parameters. This will be fixed in the 3.1 beta 3. In the meantime, you can try chaning the symbol, saving the piece image, then re-opening it.


Thanks for the info, very useful! All issues now resolved.