Talk About Making a Turn Counter Automatically Change

I am updating a turn based wargame type module and have two different types of turn counters working in it manually.

I have read a bit about triggers. What are your feelings on automatically cycling turn counters?

Do I understand right I can set a trigger to happen whenever someone types the word “initiative roll” into the chat box?

Have you all done similar and how?

Has this option been helpful for you all? Or do people chat about the initiative roll and just make the turn counter go crazy?

Thanks for any tips and tricks and advice.

To solve an old problem of random people walking into the room and messing with the turn counter, I set up a few graphics to represent the turn counter on the main window, and have a GKC be the only thing that can access the turn counter. The GKC can be set to be controlled by only certain people, and thus can actually be automated “in a sense” if it is activated by other pieces, or a number of pieces being in a “ready” state.

You could also try the old solutions of locking the room, or making all counters, including the turn counter, inaccessible to Observers.


@Brent: I was under the impression Turn Counters cannot be set as owned by a playerSide. And some times you want to leave the room unlocked for people to learn to play the game, or just be sociable.