Target Arnhem: 6 bridges red hex numbers overlaid on map

Hi all, I did a forum search on here and tech support and don;t see this covered.

I am using Vassal 3.2.7 in windows with latest Java. I opened the module Target Arnhem: Across 6 Bridges v1.0, and the map has red text hex numbers overlaid on the map graphic. They are not intended to be there, since the map image already has them printed. Plus, the hex numbers continue left and right off the map into the charts area.

I played this same module over a year ago on an earlier build, and those hex numbers were not present.

Is this a feature/bug in Vassal or the module? Can anyone tell me how to hide them?

Thank you

There was a bug fix with the grid numbering that caused the numbers to “turn on” in the module. As such one must update the module to fix the effect of the bugfix

Thanks Tim. Well, I know just enough computer stuff to be dangerous, but I used the module editor on my local copy, and drilled down to what looked like the map properties, and sure enough - I found the check box to “draw grid numbers” (or similar). Unchecked it, and saved module, and when I opened, the hex grid was gone.