Team play - method found in an older thread isn't working

My group is trying to learn Pacific War. We plan on trying to tackle this beast via team play. As the module is currently designed, however, only one person can be the Allies and one the Japanese at a time. I’ve been chatting with the module designer about a way to get around that issue without having to recode anything. He pointed me to this thread: Team play

We tried that and it did not work. As long as someone was in as either the Allies or the Japanese, no one else could log in as that player.

Is there another way to do this? If it is a coding situation, is there an easy way to code this?

Have you tried having all the players on one side use the same password?

We did try that. We even tried using the same user name. Neither worked. Once someone was in as whichever side, no one else could join as that side.

I just tested it, and it works for me.

Try joining the game as Observer, then set your password to the existing one for the side you want to join.

The game should (silently) change you to that side when you do that.

You indeed can’t then change to that side manually, because you already are that side…

From then on each player who has set the appropriate password should have normal access to the corresponding side when they open a save file, as if they were the only player on it.

I thought we tried that earlier this week. We’ll give that a try when we next gather up for the game, hopefully it works for us.

It pretty much has to work. The password is the only way Vassal knows which side you are.

Well, no idea what we did wrong last week. Maybe we didn’t have the password set before we went in? Not sure. Regardless, we gave it a shot tonight and things worked!

Thanks and sorry about the brief confusion.

When Steve Petras and I finished up the 1.4 version of the Pacific War Module back in 2008, we created player definitions based on the HQs in the game. Here are a list of the player definitions in that module:

  1. Allies
  2. Britain/ABDA/SEAC HQ
  3. Allied-ANZAC/South Pacific/SW Pacific HQ
  4. US Central Pacific HQ
  5. Japanese
  6. Japanese -China/Combined Fleet HQ
  7. Japanese South/South Seas HQ


This allows team play with up to 4 allied and 3 Japanese players, one observer and one referee.

I will contact Steve and request these definitions be added to the current module.