Team speed masking not working in Circus Maximus

Our group is collectively having trouble using the Team Speed cards in Circus Maximus 2_1. In an online game, we are unable to mask/unmask the faction colors on the spina, get the menu by right-clicking on the color bars, or access them through the keyboard shortcut.

One player notes “If I start a game as solitaire, I can change the speed both from the menu and through the defined keyboard shortcut ( W). Neither option works if I start a game as a particular color; the menu does not even appear, and none of the defined keyboard shortcuts work.”

Two other players got the same result — or failure — while setting up a game last night. Choosing to play as any color gives you access to the game on the server, but this is what happens when you mouse over or right click the faction speed:

[attachment=0]Mask fail.png[/attachment]

I’d list the all the bug details, but it is universal, appearing on at least 3 different Apple laptops (Macbook Pros 2009, 2013 and Mid 2015 MacBook Pro with Java 1.8.0_12.)

Did a very cursory review in the Editor, I think I found the pieces that match your picture. They are all set with Restricted Access traits, and the list of sides that DO have access to the piece aren’t defined.

For example, the Dark Green Team Speed piece’s Restricted Access trait allows manipulation by these player sides: Light Green, Dark Green, and Solitaire. However, in the list of module-defined player sides, Light Green and Dark Green don’t exist, there’s only “Green”. I assume a similar problem exists for the other colors.

I’d recommend contacting the module author and letting him know.

Many thanks!

The upgrade to 2_0 is a huge improvement, and we really want to run a campaign while we’re all in quarantine