Technique? One basic game piece

I’m one again working on a module I first began a few years ago (Fasa’s Star Trek Starship tactical Combat).

Each game piece is a ship image on a hex. Instead of have each piece image being the ship and hex, is it possible to have one global game piece (the hex image) and each individual piece just be the ship image.

The idea is to layer the ship image over the game piece.


Yes! You can do this with layers. In your “Basic Piece” trait, have it use just the hex image. Then give it a Layer trait with one layer that shows your ship image. The ship image will be on top of the hex image.

However, it may be easier just to merge the hex onto your ship images. The only practical benefit I can see to keeping the images seperate is a slightly reduced file size, but the difference would be very tiny unless you were also using ship-without-hex images somewhere.

Edit - I forgot to mention that you should check “always active” on your layer trait. Then it won’t have to be toggled on or off and the image will always appear.