Temporary Access to Private Windows

Hello, I’ve been working on creating a game in Vassal, but I’ve been stuck on a certain mechanic.

I want players to be able to view a board that only they have access to. I’m using Private windows to accomplish this and it works fine, but I need to allow multiple players to view and mess around inside the board throughout the game.

I haven’t found anything that allows me to dynamically change the “Belongs to Side” category.

A few of the workarounds I’ve already tried that won’t work are:

  • Retiring from your Player side to the side which controls the owner. (You need to be able to move cards from the private window into your Player hand and vice versa)
    -Allowing all players to see the boards. This allows exactly what I want, but it doesn’t hide the boards from other players. You can use an honor system, but I can’t find a way to “Report” who’s watching the window at any given time so players can cheat indiscreetly.

If the private window can’t function like this and you know a different way then I’d be more than happy to change it around.

All I need is to be able to, either by manually pressing a button or automatically by moving a piece onto a Zone which represents the window, move cards from 1 location to the Player hand and vice versa. This needs to be done secretly without any chance of another player knowing which cards were moved.

The game is Chaosmos and the mechanic is their Planet Envelope system.

The short answer is that VASSAL cannot currently do what you want. I could really use something similar for a couple of my modules, along with a number of other changes to how player sides work (e.g., the ability for one player to occupy multiple sides simultaneously).

All of these enhancements fall into the “wait for VASSAL 4” bucket. :slight_smile:

Yes you can !

But using “Inventory” only …