Terrain created as counters, anyway to create layers for stacking purposes?

I have a generic map I am using to create battlefields for a Zulu Wars game design, the terrain are counters created with a do not stack trait. I am looked at the markers ability to layer for stacking, it would be nice to be able to do terrain that way!


I’m not following–can you point to what you read that generated the comment “looked at the markers ability to layer for stacking” and what you mean by it?

For terrain tiles (that presumably are meant to be below everything else), you almost certainly want to be using the Game Piece Layers functionality, which is completely distinct from the piece-level Layer trait, despite the similarity in name.

I’m building a generic miniatures game and that requires I make the terrain as pieces instead of making it part of the map, this way I can generate a blank map and build it out using counters that do not stack, the problem is that some of the terrain has to have other terrain on top of it and if you click on the first item it places it above the second so you have to down arrow to reorder things.

It would be great if there was a way to layer those pieces that are terrain so that one type of terrain would always stack above another type preventing something to suddenly disappear below another piece that was actively selected. So for instance rivers would always stack above hills.

Like the traits for markers. (Assuming that is what they cause)

This is precisely what the aforementioned Game Piece Layers functionality does. You assign a Marker to your terrain tiles that will specify what Game Piece Layer it belongs to, then configure the Game Piece Layer map feature to regulate the drawing order of the different layers.

When you do this up/down arrow adjustment of pieces that overlap but have Do Not Stack traits, it isn’t a reliable method–it may appear on your screen when you save that the right one is on top, but the drawing order isn’t necessarily preserved when you reopen your saved game. In a non-stacking situation, the way to guarantee drawing order is GPLs, but the side effect is that items belonging to different GPLs cannot ever stack.