Test build for 3.2.17

We’ve accumulated the following bug fixes since 3.2.16

  • 12534: Regular Expression matching not supported in Calulated Property
  • 12533: Game Refresher fails if Extensions are loaded
  • 12527: “Save Game” behaves as “Save As”
  • 12526: Switching desktop on Mac OS X 10.11.3 sometimes clones the currently selected unit
  • 12518: Rotated Layer following property does not update if property changes
  • 11649: Persistent LOS thread not working with zoom different from 100%
  • 11404: Some uses of the PRNG introduce a minuscule amount of modulo bias
  • 9670: IllegalStateException: Icon Family VASSAL not found in ServerAddressBook.getCurrentIcon

(Thanks to Brent for 9670, 11649, 12518, 12533, and 12534. Thanks to Alex Carmel for 12526. The additional fix for 11404 and 12527 are mine.)

Please try the current development build, 3.2.17-9245, available here:


I’d like to release 3.2.17 as soon as this build has been tested.