Test for another game piece at same X and Y

I am trying to devise a test that determines whether 1 game piece is stacked with another. The reason is that the game piece has a combat factor of 1 if it is not in the same stack with another specific game piece. Game pieces have a marker trait of “type”. Type can be ‘arty’, ‘div’ or ‘corp’. The arty unit needs to be stacked with either a div or corp to realise its full combat factor.

My first pass at this did not work - no surprise there. The first If is my test. The second If checks whether the unit is flipped and out of supply, if true combat factor = 1, otherwise use the value of the marker trait ‘artycf’. The latter If works by itself. I am using a calculated property.


Am I on the right track at the very least?

Alas your X/Y check looks, as Marcellus Wallace once said, “pretty fucking far from okay” :smiley:

You’d have to be comparing the CurrentX/CurrentY from the arty piece to all the different X/Y’s of other acceptable units. (So you’d have to be tracking their locations in some massive list of GlobalProperties so that you could access them).

Easier method that I think will work for you: SumStack!
(1) Give all your Divisions a Marker “Div” equal to 1 (the 1 is because of how SumStack works)
(2) Give all your Corps a Marker “Corps” equal to 1
(3) Give all your Arty a Marker “Arty” equal to 1
(4) So in the calculated property (I assume) to come up with the artillery’s combat factor, make the expression:
If((SumStack(“Div”) + SumStack(“Corps”) > 0) && !(rev_Active==“true” && OOS_Active==“true”),artycf,1)


Love the quote. Very apt.

Tried your formula, did not work. Always came out with 1. Tried a few permutations, no different. Decided on nested Ifs. All works now. Many thanks for the assist again.


Appreciate there’s some complication with this solution, but it works. Your advice did lead to a solution.

Great! Looks like you got it running. I probably slightly confuddled the logic when I was trying to bring the non-SumStack stuff forward for you – mostly I wanted to show you how to use SumStack and looks like you got it going!