Testers for VASSAL 3.1.15

We’re about to release VASSAL 3.1.15. We’d like to have some testers try our build to ensure that we haven’t introduced any bugs which didn’t exist in 3.1.14. Would anyone here be interested in trying out this build? If so, you can get the test build (labeled 3.1.15-svn7470) here, try it with a few modules, and report back on how it went.

We’ve fixed a problem in the above test build which afflicted only Windows. I’ve uploaded a new test build for Windows here.

We’ve fixed the Windows installer issue with the previous test build. You can get updated test builds here:


Note that this is not the usual location; it should be a much faster download.

If you try one of these builds, please report back, letting us know your OS and whether you found any problems which weren’t present in 3.1.14.

We’re now waiting on hearing from some Mac users. Mac users, please try the above build and let us know whether it works for you.

downloading to Mac now…looks like will be awhile :slight_smile:

Forgot to post last night.
TLD 0.1.1 runs great on Mac with 3.1.15

I gave my Lock 'n Load module a spin with 3.1.15 in OSX and didn’t have any issues in the first 5 minutes.