Testing module question

I’d like to test a module as two players to check what each player can see.

I tried joining an online game from two different computers using different usernames behind the same router but I’m guessing that won’t work as Vassal thinks it’s just one player as there isn’t two different IP addresses? I was hoping the different usernames would be sufficient.

Is there a way for one person to test a module as two players from the one IP address?

Just change the “username” for one of the sessions (Preferences…Personal) when you start the game. Worked for me the other day.

Also, you do not usually need to be online to do the test you describe - presuming that you are relying on “PlayerSide” to distinguish players within the module (Restricted Access trait, for example). Just Switching Side would do the test just as well (set up the “Retire” button under “Definition of Player Sides” within the module editor). The exception, for me, is any property set by “Global Options”, I am still figuring out how these work relative to a player session.

Hope this helps.

The usernames aren’t important; you need to have different passwords for each player.

marktb1961: Thanks for the suggestion. The module doesn’t use the switching side approach but it was a good idea.

jrwatts: I did have the same password for both users, once I changed one it worked fine. Many thanks.

Really appreciate the replies!