Text buffer reporting....

I have a turn record track that has spaces (zones) for hourly turns, but it also has three day spaces for the span of the battle.

I have the reporting set so that when the Hour counter is moved, there’s an entry in the text buffer, “Hour moves to 1000”.

Can I edit the buffer report to add the Day zone to the report, e.g., “Hour moves to 1000, 2 July, 1863”? In VASSAL design terms, can the name of a zone be added to an auto report, and if so, how is it notated?

Currently, Auto report for movement within this map is set to: The “$pieceName$ is now $location$ *”, and the piece is called Hour, so it gives the report “the hour is now 1000”.

How do I get it to add the “Day” piece, even if that piece does not move?