Text Label Centering issue

I’m having a minor problem with a module I’m working on, and I thought I might check here to see if it’s something I’m missing. As the subject header says, I’m having trouble with getting a global property to stay centered in a text label. In this case, it is a victory point number that can range from 0 to 80 that is displayed inside a box on the game board. From 0 to 9 the label is centered, but as soon as it goes into double digits at 10, then the text will shift to the right as it now remains centered for the first digit ignoring the fact that the number is now two digits in size. I’ve fiddled with the setting in the text label trait to no avail. Is this a known issue that I just need to work around or ignore, or am I missing something? Obviously this isn’t of major significance and is purely an aesthetic issue but still, any info would be appreciated.

I’ve seen the same thing on a changeable text label applied to a game piece. Unfortunately, it won’t re-center by itself, but if I either clone it or hit delete then undo, then the new or undeleted piece will have the text centered correctly. Doesn’t sound like that would be a good option for you, though.

Yes, that wouldn’t help in my case. Your response does lead me to believe that it is a current limitation or glitch with the program, something that if true I’m sure will eventually be dealt with when there are no bigger fish to fry. I can always make 81 images depicting the numbers from 0 to 80 and then utilize layers with a trigger. That would ensure that they are centered, though it is a rather cumbersome method and not one that would be practical if you needed to do this with a number that ran into the hundreds or more. In any case, I’m not sure I’m THAT worried about the number not remaining centered. :smiley: