Text Label Transparency not working

In the Module Editor, no matter what I set the alpha or transparency channel to, it resets to 0 or 255 (100% opacity) after I click OK. It doesn’t matter if I use HSV, HSL, RGB, or CMYK color mode. Anyone else experience this? I’m running 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT-9a9020b4 but seem to recall this issue with 3.2.17 as well…

I’m still experiencing this issue as of 3.3.3-SNAPSHOT-f9adbf61.

Vassal uses the standard Java Color Picker to select colors in the Text Label Trait and this picker supports transparency.

However, the Text Label trait in Vassal has never supported the setting of the Transparency of a background color. There are only 2 options, 100% or 0%. You can select 100% transparency by bringing up the Color Picker and clicking Cancel.

I will assist James in working towards a better solution.

Thanks for the update Brent!