Text labels not centering properly

In 3.1.0-svn4869 (this also happened in beta7), I have a prototype containing a text label whose value is defined by a numeric dynamic property in another prototype. The text label has horizontal position center and horizontal text justification center; however, when I play the module and change the value of a unit with these prototypes, the value is left-justified based on the location of the original value. (When I save the game and then reload it, the value is again centered horizontally on the counter, but when the value is changed, it is left-justified based on where the left edge of the value was when the game was reloaded.)

In other words, it appears that the center text justification setting is being ignored.

– Don

Funny you should mention that. In my Trivial Wars game, the text labels for the player’s scores tend to shift around as well. I thought that perhaps I just wasn’t setting them right.

There was an old bug in one of the old 3.1 beta’s (maybe beta 3 or 4?) that did something like that. It was fixed. Perhaps some other code change has re-introduced it or it was somehow un-corrected? Or… it may have nothing to do with that.


It was beta5 that had the bug mentioned. I am pretty sure it was a bug from one or two beta’s before that though?

And, again, it may have nothing to do with the current problem you describe although it sounds verrrrry familiar.