Thankful for VASSAL

I’d like to express my deep gratitude to the VASSAL community, especially the creators and developers. I am thankful that VASSAL is so flexible that it can be used to implement practically any board or card game. I am thankful that the user interface is made to help people outside of the information technology (IT) profession make their own modules. I am also thankful for the documentation and forum. The documentation is written so that those who lack familiarity with IT concepts, terms and phrases can understand how the various parts of VASSAL work. Then for the omissions and ambiguities in the documentation there is the forum where not only questions are asked and answered but also community members offer suggestions and glimpses of their experience.

Thank you all!


I’d like to add that I really like the way automation in VASSAL is optional and is not to difficult to add. There are many built-in automation features available as traits. Other automation features can be added as Key Commands one action at a time. These can be strung together in Trigger Actions in a sequential, nested, or looped fashion with branching features. This allows for some pretty sophisticated automation. All in an approachable user (editor) interface.


It really has been a godsend throughout the pandemic, allowing my group to play games that one member bought and was excited about but we could not physically gather to play.


I can only agree!

I thank the developers so much for all the time and energy they have put in to make Vassal and continue to improve it!!

I know that their contributions will never be repaid. But, our hobby would be so much different without Vassal. (much, much, much worse)

Jim Lauffenburger