The Arduous Beginning - How to Reveal Soviet Mech Units?

Going crazy here trying to figure out how to reveal the Soviet mech units when attacking them in ‘The Arduous Beginning’ module.

I right click on the unit to bring down the menu, but no selection for that there.

Help would be much appreciated!

Beautiful little game system. I’m just having an arduous beginning with it

Thank you.


Ah, figures it out. Should have mentioned that I am playing solo. To flip the counters to revel strength I simply switch sides and play the Soviet. right click and that selection pops up.

I did very well for my forest game by concentrating the 12 strength Panzer units, punching through a Soviet Infantry army, stayed north of the marshes and went deep into Russian territory with no losses! I’m letting the infantry and smaller armor units wipe out the pockets, take Brest and capture the other sites while I continue to push east with my strong armor juggernaut!

My strategy is to go after the most distant Soviet cites first with the fat-moving armor force and then work my way back west and combine with all my trailing units moving east to capture the rest of the cities.

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