The Commands & Colors Open Tournament V has started on Vassal with a total of 42 entries, with 16 of those new, unranked players. The tournament is played on the scenarios of the expansion 2 “Rome vs the Barbarians”, and consists of two separate phases. The first one is a Swiss system format, with six rounds to be played in about two months. Each round is a two-game match where the two participants play the given scenario twice, once from each side. The matches will be scored with 1 point for winning an individual game, and 1 point for scoring more total victory banners than your opponent in the match. After phase one is complete, the top eight players in the draw will be placed into a single-elimination quarterfinals bracket. Each round, from the quarterfinals through to the finals, will consist of a two-game match. At present, round 2 of the first phase is in progress, based on the “Clusium” scenario, while round 1 has been played on the “Scirthaea” scenario.

Logfiles, game results and all info about the tournament can be found on: … ament%20V/