The C&CA Open Tournament V has revealed its champion!

Involving 42 players, the tournament consisted of for nine rounds, the

last three of which were finals. Organised and administered by Bill

Bennett, sponsored by Strategia e Tattica, a renowned game store in Rome,

and GMT Games, and played online over VASSAL, the tournament was

completed in around 90 days.

After six rounds of play using the Swiss system, the original 42 players

were narrowed down to a top eight who progressed to a single-elimination

finals series. The final was played out between Davide Sandrin and Po I

Peng. Peng emerged victorious to claim first prize, a $US65 voucher from

main sponsor Strategia e Tattica. Davide also saw good reward for his

play, taking home a $US50 voucher from GMT Games, publishers of the

Commands & Colors: Ancients games, for his second placing. Peng said:

"This was the first time I joined such a competitive tournament, with so

many outstanding players, who made it an exciting event. Meet you guys in

next tournament, good luck."

The top eight players after the first round were: Hank Burkhalter, Andrea

Tosti, Po I Peng, Aaron Bell, Francois Goncalves, Davide Sandrin, Giorgio

Evola and Andy Daglish.

Tournament matches used scenarios taken from the second Commands &

Colors: Ancients expansion, Rome and the Barbarians. The preliminary

rounds used Scirthaea, Clusium, Arausio, Aquae Sextiae, Camalatrum and

Sotium. The finals set River Stour, Foraging Party and Agrivarii Rampart.

Logfiles, game results and all info about the tournament can be found at: … ament%20V/

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(by Prufrock and zatopek)