The classics! (AH)


I have been working my way through the Avalon Hill Classics as part of our effort at the Galactic Journey Wargaming Society.

One of the smashing successes was a game of Diplomacy facilitated by Backstabr. What made it so great is that rules were part of the system, so the players didn’t need to worry about making sure everyone was playing correctly.

Has anyone made a VASSAL module for any of the AH classic lineup (their games from the 50s and 60s) where the rules are baked in, as opposed to simply being a map one can move pieces on? Bonus points if it’s possible for two players remote from each other to share a map so they can discuss moves cooperatively playing against another team of two.

I’ve only seen VASSAL modules that were rule-less, and I understand that’s the mode. But if there’s a more full-featured module out there for, say Afrika Korps or Waterloo, I’d love to know!

Thanks in advance…


In general, Vassal is a rule less platform. There is no real programming background that would guide the player through rules limited actions. That said, the modules can be written in a way where the player options offer what the rules allow.

I built the Avalon Hill classic The Siege of Jerusalem in a way where the inter phase rule system is laid out step by step. It is an experiment in ‘lets see how hard I can go with adding the rules to the game in Vassal’. It guides the players through the 2 dozen or so steps to determine inter phase actions and replacement calculations as well as cascading all of the victory points. Its all there, however, it is admittedly a gluttony of Vassal steps and probably not practical. Additionally, there is nothing to prevent the player from doing something completely contrary to the steps, throwing it all out of whack, rendering the curent game completely broken once that happens.

Take a look at it. There are training docs and videos for the module to assist in seeing how it is used. I believe it is the most complex module out there, although I clearly haven’t looked at every one.

Thank you, and good work!