The hide your pieces toolbar icon should have 2 image states allowed

See the box that is about Hide Axis vs the box where you setup Hide All Peices button. In the second we can add in a shaded out icon to tell us it’s active. I know it’s obvious on the map so why does it have that feature and not the one that actaully needs to have an icon to tell you it’s actaully active. When you press the hide your Axis button on the toolbar you need your opponent to confirm they are now hidden instead of the button actually confirming it for you. It would be great if we got an icon option of “icon when pieces are hidden” included into the other because that would make a great deal of sense. Because like I said it’s much more useful here than to have a shaded option in the global one because you can plainly see that result.

Agree. Suggested that some time ago. Version 4, perhaps.