The invisible trait vs basic piece

On the subject of the INVISIBLE trait… on certain pieces I would like to hide only some layers to the other users, but not the actual piece underneath… any way to do this? Unfortunately, since invisible works on any trait above it, the BASIC PIECE (which is always nailed in first place) ends up becoming invisible too.

I only found a work around which kind of works, but only when the owner clicks on the piece (not ideal) and the piece is selectable (unfortunately not my case):

  1. BASIC PIECE showing image A
  2. LAYER X that needs to be invisible to others
  4. LAYER Y with image A again, always active, “underneath when highlighted” checked

The invisible trait is triggered at the start of the game. Therefore, the piece will show the image from layer Y (image A) and nothing else to anyone. When the owner clicks on it, then the image underneath will be visible (highly transparent…) to him, with layer X showing transparent to him as well, so that in the end we have again image A (visible to all) with LAYER X visible (transparent) to the owner only.

Not really ideal, because the owner will still need to click on every piece to see what’s there underneath. Moreover, in my case where I really need to include a does not stack trait set to “never-never”, this trick won’t work.

Much better if one could tell the invisible trait NOT to hide the basic piece (which needs to be always first).

I agree that it would be handy to have the ability to select which layers/labels you wanted invisible. But if the pieces are Do Not Stack with never-never:

Two pieces?


Yes, that’s the alternative I was thinking to as well… Oh well, another extra day of work ;)