The Longest Day

Hi I recently gave vassal to my father who loves this game. He has a great collection of AH games. But as we all know especially with TLD it takes alot of space to setup and a long time to play.

So he was thrilled when i showed this to him but he said that a few charts where missing from the module. Hes not that computer savvy so im trying to get this together from him

He has the original charts from the box at home but i was wondering if they were in the game somewhere and we overlooked them or if there was a way i could add them.

I have to go to his house to see excatly what he is talking about but he said there was a few movement charts missing for soldiers and vehicles thats tells you how far they can move through forest etc.

I hope you know what I am not talking about if not I can take a pic of the ones I mean. If you do know what i am refering to where can a digital copy of these charts be found or are they in the module already.

I guess worse case scenario I could scan them for him and add them to the module or the very least just make them a pdf. anyway thanks for any information.