The Next War

Anyone interested?

YES!!! I have had this game for so long and never played!!

So I guess would mean I should read the rules!!

Keith :open_mouth:


I’m still working on trying to submit this module here, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to (SPI & Decision Games, you know…). If I can’t submit here, I need to figure out another way to link up with others who own the box game.

I just downloaded the mod. I own the detergent box edition.

Your mod so far is great!!



Thank you so much for this module. I currently don’t have room to set this up, this mod solves that problem. I’ve owned this game since SPI first published it back in the late 70’s. I was in High School back then and had a 4’ x 8’ plywood table set up in the basement, played the heck out of it solo.

You’ve created a very rich vassal mod here, and since I’m a vassal infant, I need to look up and see how to use some of the features.

Thanks again for all you effort!


Drop any questions here, and I’ll do my best to answer them.


My main question is on the Campaign option in the new game menu. When it was created based on a save game, the player “Solitaire” was not included, just 'observer". I know that I need to play this again in order to get up to speed again ( I played in at the Consimworld Monstercon in 07).

I see that if I select a new game, I can add the player ‘solitaire’ but then I need to place all the pieces etc. Is there a way to go into the preset ‘Campaign’ game and add the player ‘solitaire’ so that one can see all the pieces etc?

One more thing, and this is a suggestion. In the graphic that supports the Airbase chart, is there anyway you can color code the boxes so that they are one of three colors, each color represents what zone that airfield is in i.e. North, Central or South. Someone posted such a chart in the Consimworld thread and it helps immensely when the players are moving the air units from the basing chart to the air allocation chart and vice versa.



I was the “Solitaire” player when I created the scenario. VASSAL uses the password to verify who’s on which side, so just change your password to ‘x’ and start over. That should work.

As for the different colors for the Airbases, that’s a great idea! I’ll include it in my next version.

I just fixed the “Solitaire Player” option in the Campaign scenario. I’ll include that in my next version, which will be posted soon…

New Campaign scenario available for download in TNW Files section.


Found a mistake in the set up of two stacks. The VII Corp (US) HQ along with all the ADA etc units is set up in the C2203 hex, not the S2203 hex. Very close to it is a US Mech or Arm Bde that should also be on the South Map not the Central map.

Thanks, John.

Please let me know if you find anything else out of order, or if you think anything needs to change. I’m always open for suggestions.