The Russian Campaign (3rd ed)

While setting up for a game last night, I noticed a problem with the turn tracker (this is in TRC3v21.mod). It’s set up for one month turns, alternating German/Soviet. However, TRC uses two month turns, of two impulses each (with each impulse technically being one month). So, going purely by what the turn tracker wants to do, you’d have the first Soviet impulse occurring in between the 1st and 2nd German impulses.

I attempted a ‘quick fix’ on the module, but it was unhappy even when I started a completely fresh game. (I tried shifting to 6 two-month turns/year, and then adding a 1st/2nd impulse layer below the sides layer. It wouldn’t even display the Impulse information on a fresh game.)

I also tried to contact about the problem, but got a ‘no such user’ message from the server.

Hi Rindis,

I have just fixed one problem that can occur when you reconfigure a turn tracker, then load a saved game where the tracker is pointing to now non-existent list items. This fix should go into beta 4.

However, this does not explain the problem you are having with a fresh game. Can I make you a contributor to the Russian Campaign Vassal engine page? If you upload your version, I will have a look at what is wrong. Or just email it to me.


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I’ll probably try it again, and see if I was just having a bad night (already had to deal with log funkyness in another game that night…). Assuming it persists, I’ll send it to you. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear about the turn tracker fix! I’d noticed that bug, and I think I remember you mentioning fixing it about the time I was going to bring it up here. This problem on a new game floored me.

Well, I just got a notice from your system server that the module was an unsafe attachment.


Just not my week. Make me a contributor, and I’ll upload the file.

However, I just tried the potential beta 4 (svn4257), and your fix doesn’t fix everything. In my F&E module, I ended up adding an extra phase in the turn tracker after I had started a test game. It used to be that I would get an error every time I hit that phase, but then it would do it on the second try. Now, there’s no error, but it skips that phase when I get to it. When I hit the back (-) button on the turn tracker, it goes back to that phase just fine.

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On 15/10/2008 at 8:00 PM Rindis wrote:

I have no idea what you are talking about???

I need your Vassal login id.

Can you confirm that you are only getting problems when you make a change to the Turn Tracker configuration in the Module Editor, and then try and load an existing save game (or continue playing an open game) from before the change?

If you start a fresh game, then everything works fine?

There is no guarantee that a save game will work after you make changes to the module that created it. Different changes to different components will result in varied unusual behavior, there is no real way to code around the many problems that might result.


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I sent an email to your address, and the server sent back an automated message that the module file was an unsafe attachment. (Probably since I hadn’t bothered to change it to *.vmod…)

“Rindis” ;)

For the F&E module, yes, that is correct. I’m having trouble with a saved log file from before the change. Is there any way to… overwrite the turn tracker data in a saved file? I have some very big setup files with all the counters pulled and such, and I don’t want to have to redo them just for a minor turn Tracker change.

Of course, creating the turn tracker with that file in existence didn’t seem to cause any trouble. So, I could just dump it, save the module/saved files, and then recreate it with the new configuration. (Yes, my turn tracker setup is complicated, but that’s far easier than re-doing the setup file.)

On The Russian Campaign: I think I found the source of my trouble in further fiddling last night. The ‘New’ option in scenario dropdown is actually a saved game with nothing pulled, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: I haven’t really fiddled with saved files in a module before, so I assumed that the ‘New’ option was identical to the normal ‘New game’ option.

Okay, fiddled around with the module some more last night. 1) Yes, ‘new’ was a saved game. :stuck_out_tongue: 2) Yes, saving a game when there’s no turn tracker present will wipe the problem without having to do the setup all over again. 3) I discovered that except for ‘New’, ‘Campaign’ and ‘Barbarossa’, the existing embedded scenarios are empty. No counters pulled, no notes, and no start line. I noticed the hidden counter pallet, and the overlays for the start lines, so all the tools are there, but they haven’t been used.

So… I’m going to see if I can turn them into real setups, unless you guys have ones that are done, and just didn’t get incorporated properly.

And while I’m diving into all this, do you know what format the map was originally done in? If it’s any sort of vector format (I suspect not), adding in the cross-tie pattern for the railroads would be a cinch.

Hi Rindis,

Sounds good to me, I have made you a contributor. I don’t believe TRC is being actively maintained at the moment, so fee free to jump in. Adopt a module today!

I believe it was Photoshopped.


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Thanks! Hopefully, I’ll find time to do the scenario setup work over the weekend.

The only reason I don’t adopt/do more modules is my desire to do it ‘right’, means that anything I pick up turns into quite a production.

That’s what it looked like. Okay, new map goes on the ‘to do someday’ list. Which, with everything else, means It’ll get done in ~50 years. …Actually, if there’s an original version of the file around somewhere, and it’s a *.psd with layers, I’d be interested, I can make that look better with a relative modicum of effort.

I’m also thinking, since there is a separate 4th Ed module out, that I might take out the 4th Ed charts that are in this one. But it’s not really hurting anything, so maybe not.

Okay, I finally got the energy to go through all the scenarios and do proper setups for them (except the AvalonCon ones, as I know nothing about them–but they will work with the new turn tracker).

I’ve uploaded it as v2.2. It might be best if someone checked my work, and any tweaks can be v2.2.1. :slight_smile: