The Russian Campaign, 3rd Reich

Looking for opponent for TRC campaign game, either side, and looking for opponents or forums for 3rd Reich (have the 4th edition rules from the 3rd edition AH game).

Have played a few VASSAL Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit games, but I am new to VASSAL for TRC, 3R.

Would like to do 2 - 3 PBEM posts per week.

Old time gamer, looking for some robust and fun competition. No worries if you are starting out. Been there myself. If interested, contact me here or at

Pacific Coast, US

… I would also be open to Hitler’s War.


thanks all… I have a couple of games of The Russian Campaign getting underway so I am set there.

Still open for Hitler’s War, 3rd Reich (if it is at all do-able), or Panzer Leader…



Hi, I’m interested by Panzer Leader … 3/4 mails for one week, it’s all rights for me.
I’m french.
Best regards

…And Serge and I have got a PL game going…

Thanks All

I posted ou a mail forr TRC.


I would love to play The Russian campaign, I will give #rd Reich a go but it may take me a while to get familar with the rules again. I got brutally beaten my last time out.