The Ultime War game ?

Hi evrybody

I’m an old role playing player. I play since 10 years now in the same univers. Our adventures lead us now to the tactical and strategic level battle. Who cannot be realized via our role playing rules.

These vile of the empire wish to invade us and thats a thing we cannot tolerate. Regrettably our " Game Master’s", that Allah blesses him as well as all its Offsprings for the thousand next year, does not wants to content himself with a simple " we plunder them ".

In brief, I’m looking for an easily integrable board game in vassal to manage actions of guerrilla warfare about fifty units, for one part and in other, in titanic battle of 5 000 units, but although by the taking of fortress, the attack of the valley of the living dead, or maritime battles.

All that on by being able to convert some brave heroes (I, among others), magicians, murderer or others of high levels, devils and other nightmarish or wonderful monsters.

Small precision we play on Role Master’s rules.

Thanks a lot

Goodbeans premier dis le petit !