Third Reich 3rd/4th Edition Game?

Looking for a campaign game…anyone??


I am interesting, but i am in Europe, Maybe by PBM?

I am up for a game of 3R4. Drop me a line if still interested.

Grumpy - I just picked this game up on eBay and would love to play. I’m downloading the Vassal module today. I am in the US, Central Time Zone. Willing to try live play or PBEM. I’m available in the evenings, after 6 PM CST. Weekends are more flexible.


Given what seems to be a lot of opportunities for interdiction and counter action by air and navy style actions how does that work practically for pbem?

Played this game many times and had 2 copies at one time but sadly no longer have them I would love to start a game either live or PBEM just need a copy of the rules via PDF let me know thanks!

Hi all–

New Vassal user here. I’d love to play a game of Third Reich again after about 30 years. I think I’m up on most of the TR rules, but a “practice game” to learn Vassal might be nice (unless it’s that easy). I know I could only commit to PBEM, so I won’t even try a live game (yet, maybe some day…)