Third Reich 4th

The map has some placement problems is there a way to edit the map?

Can you expand a bit on the problems?

The Portsmith hex in England on the original 4trh edition map has only 1 hex side that connects it to England on the Vassal map it has 2 hexsides.
The bottom south eastern corner of Italy on the 4th edition map has movement around the heal on the Vassal map it doesn’t
The river Po is different.
The Partition line is off. These are a couple of the issues.

Is the map a scan of the board from a different edition of #rd Reich?

Maybe A3R? I have Advanced 3rd Reich. The board is cream colored. This one is White just like 3rd Reich.

Is there a program to correct the map? I have tried “Paint” it will correct the map but I don’t know how to put it in the Mod.

The .vmod file is just a ZIP file with a different extension. Or you can edit the module with the module editor that comes as part of VASSAL. You should try to contact the listed maintainer for the module first though.

Module editor?

In the Module Manager, right-click the module and select edit.

I believe I found it. The drop down window under “file” has edit. If this is it now my work begins thank you.

Again thanks for the help so far!
I was able to fix the map and the charts. How do I fix the counters? For instance the Yugos are supposed to have 7 2-3 inf in the mod they have 5 2-3s and 2 1-3s.there is also Variants in the game is there a way of putting a deck of cards in the game to represent the Variants?