Through the Ages and Advanced Civilization - Newbie Games?

I am interested in trying/learning both Through the Ages and Advanced Civilization. Anyone up to muddling through the game (and the rules) with me?

(I am aware there is a whole website devoted to online Through the Ages gameplay but I don’t want to get slaughtered by a pro…)

Getting a game of noobs on either Vassal or BGO is nothing more than a crap shoot. You can list a game as a noob game but you are still relying on the honesty of the players who are joining to be actual novices.

Nothing against Vassal but for lots of reasons BGO is the way to go when playing TtA. Give it a try and let me know if you post a game to BGO, I will join.

lol…what’s BGO?


That website is nothing.

…anyway, yes matt, I’d be glad to play it with ya!

  1. Which game did you have in mind?

  2. What do you mean that website is nothing ?? To access the games, you need to create an account… is that what you mean?

Interested in Through the Ages, am newbie.


pm sent