TI3 Game - Over Vassal on 12th September.

Greetings Earthlings!.

I would like to recruit some players to play over Vassal this afternoon.
it will be a Shards of the throne Standard game with all the extra rules.

with theese Changes
-no distant suns or empty space counters.
-we will use imperial 2
-all public objectives are Face up from the start with 6y 4b 1 of blue is imperium rex so after 8 or so rounds the game ends.
-2-3 random races will be drawn for each player depending on the amount of people.
-each player draws 2 preliminary objectives and chooses one at start, then after he/she plays her preliminary he draws 2 secret objectives and chooses one to keep.
-all 8 Artifacts will be placed on the gameboard going from the speaker til all are placed, Artifacts with the Dark side will reward 2 TG.
-we will use Representatives
-the game will last 4 hours max depending on theese rules since its a race to 10 vp and its easy to accomplish

Thats all the changes i will make to make this an epic game.
Take notice that a 2player game is possible, and i will not accept a game with over 6 people so 6ppl is the max limit of players

Just reply to this thread and state that you wish to Partake and i will confirm your presence here when you join Vassal Twilight imperium shards, since we will start shortly and we will not wait for participants for long.

Btw while i remember.
The game will take place over Skype.
also if you are missing the module for TI3 shards here is where you get it:

vassalengine.org/wiki/Module … the_Throne